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Ecuadorian Inspired Kitchen

Before placing your order, please inform if a person in your party has a food allergy. The FDA advises consuming raw or undercook meats, poultry, seafood or eggs increases your risk of food borne illness. We reserve the right to correct any errors. Menu images are for illustration purposes only. Price and menu are subject to change without notice.

All and any Offers in this site are available ONLY through this Website. No Offers or Promotions in this site will be available through GrubHub, Seamless or any other third party Online Ordering Site.

 Dear customer, all of our dishes are prepared at the moment and may take some time depending on their seasoning. We kindly ask for your understanding. 





44.- Churrasco

Grilled skirt Stake with rice, french fries and avocado


45.- Chaufalan image

45.- Chaufalan

Mixed rice, shrimp, pork and chicken served with yellow plantains


46.- Bistec Encebollado image

46.- Bistec Encebollado

Sauteed beef steak with onions, rice and avocado


47.- Carne Apanada image

47.- Carne Apanada

Breaded Beef Steak with rice, salad, beans and French fries


49.- Guatita image

49.- Guatita

Beef tripe with rice, salad and avocado


51.- Bandera Ecuatoriana image

51.- Bandera Ecuatoriana

Stewed lamb, beef tripe, shrimp and rice


52.- Seco de Chivo image

52.- Seco de Chivo

Stewed goat meat and rice


54.- Bandeja Paisa image

54.- Bandeja Paisa

Colombian platter with rice, beans and pork skin


55.- Bistec Salteado image

55.- Bistec Salteado

Beef Steak sauteed with onion


56.- Hornado con Mote o Arroz image

56.- Hornado con Mote o Arroz

Roasted pork with Ecuadorian hominy style or rice





56A.- Fritada con Mote o Arroz image

56A.- Fritada con Mote o Arroz

Fried pork with Ecuadorian hominy style or rice





57.- Arroz Ecuatoriano image

57.- Arroz Ecuatoriano

Ecuadorian rice


58.- Picada image

58.- Picada

Beef, chicken, sausage, shrimp, pork and green plantains. Choose your size: Small $23.00 Medium $44 or Large $65







65.- Carne Asada image

65.- Carne Asada

Grilled beef steak, with rice, beans, salad and green platains




48.- Chuleta Frita

Fried pork chop with rice, salad and avocado


53.- Arroz con Pollo

Mixed Rice with chicken


59.- Ensalada de Pechuga

Breast Chicken salad





60.- Pechuga Salteada image

60.- Pechuga Salteada

Sauteed chicken breast


61.- Pechuga a la Francesa

French Style breaded chicken breast


62.- Pechuga a la plancha

Grilled chicken breast


63.- Pechuga Empanizada

Breaded chicken breast


64.- Chicharron de Pollo

Fried chunks of chicken with rice, beans and French fries


65.- Carne Asada

Grilled Beef Steak with rice, beans, salad and green plantain


66.- Lomito de Cerdo Asado

Roasted pork tenderloin with rice, salad, and green plantains.


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